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Faith healer. Pilgrimage to Niño Fidencio sanctuary in the desert of Northern Mexico

Mexican traditions, culture and religious celebrations. (In English) - YouTube

Holy Week in Oaxaca

Easter week celebrations in Latin America and Spain - My YouTube lists

Apr 7

Dreaming in Color. Blind photographer Marco Antonio Martinez describes his oniric encounter with Pegasus

Apr 6

All my audio-slide shows in English - YouTube

Apr 4

Awarded audio-slide shows - YouTube

Apr 3

Sisters of Caracas. A story about childrens victims of the violence in Venezuela

Apr 2

Puppet show. The story of Bow Wow

Solitude Monastery of Atotonilco

Easter Week of La Antigua, Guatemala

The other side of the coin. TED x talk

My audio-slide show The Sight Within, part of a TED x talk at the University of Surrey in England by Gina Badenoch, founder of Ojos que Sienten, an association that works with blind and visually impaired photographers. For more info enter this link: http://chicosanchezphotos.blogspot.com.es/2014/03/the-other-side-of-coin.html

Chico Sánchez Foto Blog: La otra cara de la moneda. TED x talk

Uno de mis audiovisuales ha sido presentado en una conferencia TED x en la Universidad de Surrey en Inglaterra realizada por Gina Badenoch. Para conocer más entra en este enlace: http://chicosanchezfoto.blogspot.com.es/2014/03/la-otra-cara-de-la-moneda.html

Searching for the essence. Looking for hidden waters

The fighter. Breaking mental barriers.  Blind photographer Alberto Loranca uses pictures to describe the inner fight we have to become better human beings